About Us

Started as The William Ragsdale Company more than 36 years ago, Ragsdale Steel has always been committed to providing the best quality steel fabrication around. Founder (Bill) Ragsdale was known for integrity, fairness, and commitment. Those qualities and legacy have been passed on to his son, Jeff, who is now owner and President of Ragsdale Steel. Jeff has built the company that now operates from 20,000 square foot plant in Independence, MO and has a staff of expert tradesmen and craftsmen.

Bill Ragsdale worked in the steel industry since 1940, (except when he was a Navy pilot in WWII) and worked his way up through the ranks of the biggest steel fabrication firms in Kansas City. In 1962, Bill and a partner, opened Ragsdale-Magers Steel and operated it for 13 years until Bill accepted a buy-out and formed The William Ragsdale Co.

In 1976, while still in college, Bill’s oldest son, Jeff, came into the shop to help. Beginning as a grinder and painter, Jeff worked at the company doing every job in the shop and office. He still holds the Commercial Driver’s License he obtained when he was 21 and is the back-up driver to this day.

In 2007 Jeff completed a buy-out of the family business and has continued to build the company that provides various metal fabrication for thousands of projects across the country and around the world. They have fabricated steel on every continent, including McMurdo Station at the South Pole.

Ragsdale Steel prides itself in their reputation for integrity and the loyalty it brings from their customers. Most of their business comes from repeat clients. Clients know that when they give Ragsdale Steel a job they can quit thinking about it – it gets done right, on time, and for exactly what Ragsdale said it would cost.